Rocket 2 Saturday

Laghu Vajrasana – I love this assist with Philippa Asher.

We’ve been playing with this pose and similar ones when we do Rocket 2. This series is based more on shoulders and backbends. We do a lot of flying too. So its guaranteed to be a lot of fun. I expect we’ll explore more backbends on Sat.

For those who come to my Rocket classes, we will have a potluck this Sat after class. Please bring something to share and we’ll have a party. And if you don’t have something to share, come anyway. You don’t even have to come to class. Just come and party.

Also, I’m sad to say that the Runners Yoga workshop scheduled for the next 3 Sundays has been cancelled. There is a lot going on at the studio along with remodeling in the North Studio.​ And we had to move the time so I lost a few attendants. We’ll try again some other time.

Happy Day my friends!

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