Animal Yoga

We’ve done Animal Yoga a few times; usually for Rocket 3. Its fun to use a different method for warming up than Sun Salutations every time.

First, I blame my wife’s dinner of Taco Salad, which is really filling. I thought, if I ate it at 330pm, it will be mostly digested by 7pm. Very wrong! If I feel full, my whole body is heavy and I can’t catch my breath.

So I led each traverse down the center strip with each Animal movement. We did bear crawls, crab walks, side monkey bounding, frog hops, and lizard crawls. My heart was beating hard and I worked up a sweat. But I still blame the food I ate. I mean, I do CrossFit and the workouts are a lot harder than what I just did.

Its really fun to change it up now and then. I do moon salutations on Moon Days. Yoga is always so much fun.

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