Conspiracy Theory

Very recently, I’ve had a lot of activity on my social media and email accounts. I was off Instagram for over a week because my account was suspended. No, I wasn’t doing anything radical that would warrant such barring. I had a security alert and decided to change my password. I logged out, and then couldn’t log back in.

The problem is, I had an old account that I decided I’d try to log in there too, but no success. And since Facebook owns Instagram, I started getting messages from there. And when you appeal to fix a problem, its Facebook who is managing the interactions. Mind you, most of this is automated. You don’t really talk with anyone. There isn’t an email or phone number to call. You definitely can’t walk up to a physical help desk and ask for help. Its like fantasy land out there. I couldn’t even open a new Instagram account since emails, Facebook, or even my IP addresses were flagged. There was no way to win.

Then, since I was communicating with all these automated bots, my Gmail asked for verification of logging into a different device or different location. And since they considered it suspicious, they locked down the account I was communicating with Facebook on. Now, not only was I not receiving regular mail, I was also not receiving the alerts and codes I needed to solve my Instagram problem. Then they shut down my regular Gmail. I had to log in and "verify account" every time I did anything.

I was wondering what’s next? I mean, these emails are connected with checking accounts, credit cards, insurance companies, all this stuff. What happens when all of these connected networks go haywire? What happens when you can’t start your car or get into your house? When you go to get groceries and can’t even pay with your card? When my internet connected phone at work goes down and I can’t even call 9-1-1?

It makes you think the Conspiracy scenarios will come true. That the Terminator Salvation with Sky Net will come to life. The robots will take over. That the 1980’s movie War Games with WOPR intelligent computer systems that are deciding responses for humans will cause Global Thermonuclear Warfare. Its not such an impossibility anymore.

"WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY A GAME?" [choose Tic-Tac-Toe]

2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory”

    1. No, I just realized that I wasn’t getting email from my business account since it was locked due to suspicious activity. That’s been over a week. Its a mess. Hopefully the dust will settle and all will be fine. I hope you are well my friend 🙂


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