Functional Anatomy

I was so cocky how I thought I understood muscles in the body. I had the academic book knowledge, but not a functional, working knowledge. You’d think decades of lifting weights and studying iron sports that I would know better. I probably knew more than most. But now I know more.

Honestly, its never a guess as to what muscle is what. I still have a lot to learn. But its Thai Yoga Massage that has changed it all for me. And its helping me with my yoga teaching as well. I can see all the major skeletal muscles and know how they are connected, their structure, and how they interact with us in daily life.

Much of my education is in working with many different bodies. I’m learning the subtle nuances of similarities and differences. I’ve taken the guesswork out of bodywork. My teacher’s at Thai Bodywork have made it easy for me. I’m so excited to continue this journey.

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