Rocket Fun!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed teaching Rocket lately. Well, I always have. But I’ve thrown in a few spices lately. Maybe they would help your yoga classes too! Regardless, if you’re in the area, drop in sometime.

Here are a few highlights:
-Animal Yoga – we’ve been starting some Rocket 3 classes with Animal movements.
-Moon Flow – sun salutations are the best, but when we have a moon day, we do moon flows.
-Zombie Presses – starting flat on your face, we practice pressing to headstand. The socks help.
-Jump Throughs & Backs – with socks! Yeah, make it fun and attainable.
-Ashtanga 2nd series headstands – we go through them all.
-Odd variations – like Super Soldier, Fallen Angel, …. they add to the spice!

Come join in on the fun:
Mondays at 7pm
Saturday at Noon
*all at Amara Yoga & Arts, Urbana, IL at Lincoln Square Mall

"Where will your rocket take you?"
"You are stronger than you think"
—Larry Schultz, the Rocket Man, rip

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