Rocket Man: Rest In Peace

Larry Schultz passed from this life 7 years ago today. When I did a Rocket Yoga intensive with my teacher in Cincinnati a few years ago, we were in training on this date. It was so amazing to hear first person accounts of Larry. To have learned from him, lived in his studio, and traveling with him would have been such a blessing to anyone’s life. My teacher provided us with his quotes and his philosophy of many things in life. I’m finding much more depth in what I teach. I often think, "what would Larry say?" I’m my own person, but I’d like to leave a legacy of what Larry left behind. It continues in many of my students as I’ve tried to share his life.

Last night while teaching Rocket 1, I told the story of how Larry stumbled upon Ashtanga Yoga. I told of his complete fascination with the beauty of the practice. It wasn’t in a studio or some convention hall, it was what he saw of someone’s personal practice on the beach. And Larry had the fortitude to go and ask about what he was seeing. After the man explained that what he was doing was Ashtanga Yoga, Larry said, "I’ve got to get me some of that Ashtanga!" Of course, I told this story while we were in Navasana. I think Larry would have wanted it that way.

"You are Stronger than you think!"

(Larry while studying with Pattabhi Jois)

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