Peaceful Thoughts

I  have more peace in my life now than I’ve felt in weeks. I put on a joyful face and try to have a good attitude at all times. But underneath, a cauldron often boils. I’ve had work woes for months, but things are now back on track. I just finished a yoga workshop yesterday that I’ve been fretting about for a while. I had a lot of good ideas but I didn’t know how I was going to put it together into something coherent and helpful to others. But I really think I accomplished my mission and I hope I helped greatly in the healing process. For the past two weeks, my Sleep Cycle app told me that my sleeping was sub-par. I average in the 70-75% range in sleep quality. Saturday night, I was at 59% and I felt it throughout the day. But last night, I hit a whopping 92%! I am almost never above 90%. My resting heart rate was lower too. I’m pretty sure if I had one of those brain wave devices, I would register in the Good Mood mode! Its a good feeling to feel at peace. But I still have work to do and I have a mentoring session this Friday where I give a 90 minute Thai yoga massage to one of my instructors. I’m nervous but feeling confident about it.

I wish you all peace and happiness. Find milestones in your life that says you are OK and on the right track. Then begin toward the next one.

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