Yoga Teaches Compassion

Several friends of mine were talking about how the 8 limbs of yoga relates to all forms of beliefs. I think this is true. In the New Year, I think of giving to others. Do you give time, money, thoughts, and love to others in need? Compassion is so essential to our own well being. Because someday you may need the compassion and empathy for yourself. And sometimes, it needs to be given sacrificially. As a general rule, I give a minimum of 10% to charity and 10% to myself. If you read statistics of charitable giving, mostly midwestern and southern states give the most to charity. But many don’t give anything more than lip device. Activism doesn’t put food in people’s mouths. If you feel strongly about something, do more than talk about it. And save a minimum of 10% for yourself so you can responsibly be self-sufficient when times get tough. In the past year, I had to replace a truck, a roof, and a furnace/AC. I was able to do that with cash since I pay myself regularly. Being compassionate takes planning. But do it early, not at the end of your expenses. Then it’s you who needs to sacrifice and not the person in need.

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