Dabbling Hobbies

I’ve started and stopped doing so many things in my life. I have numerous hobbies, some that I was extremely passionate about, that now sit on the sidelines. I still call myself a fly fisher, oil painter, pole dance artist, hula hooper, and Olympic weightlifter. But weeks & months go by where I don’t do those things. It shames me to say that, but if I’m honest, its true!

We all have things we’ve wanted to become better at, maybe even experts. We’ve had career paths that we put all our chips into, then something along the way makes us change course completely. Its a part of life, even though its hard to admit our misgivings.

I think of many people who come to yoga classes. I see them discipline themselves to come to my classes and we talk about our shared love for the practice. Then one day, poof, they’re gone. Yeah, they are still in town. They are still friends on social media. But its just one of those hobbies that goes away. I say in my mind that I’m shocked, but really I do it too. Somehow, I always imagine people are practicing for years when they come to me. But really, it may be only a few weeks or months; not even a year. There may be a real reason for them stopping. But for many, its something that ran its course and is now over.

Tides continue to come in and out. But the water meets a different land each time it arrives.

2 thoughts on “Dabbling Hobbies”

  1. I’ve been thinking about this lately! I’m 26 and not at all where I thought I would be, and sometimes that scary. Am I doing the right thing? Should I go back? Anyway, yoga has also been like this for me but somehow I always end up coming back to it, even if only in my mind and not in practice. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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