If You Only Had Time for One Thing

Its amazing how you can think about doing something that you really want to do, but you never get around to doing it. Some of the exercises that I think to myself “I should do that more” never results me in actually doing it.

One example is the pushup. I could sit here and think, hmmm, I should do a few pushups now and then. Then I don’t do it. What is the obstacle in our minds? I usually think we are so overwhelmed with all that we need to do, we feel burdened and never do anything.

I made a new workout plan a few weeks ago that has worked very well. Maybe it will help you too. I can call it “If you only had time for One Thing”. I have a rough plan of what I need to do every day in my workouts. It revolves around my yoga teaching schedule and my responsibilities at work and home. Here is how it goes.

I prioritize every day 5 or 6 major movements I’d like to accomplish. But the priority means that if I only had time for one thing, what would it be? Its usually squats or deadlifts. I figure those are the most important movements for life. Other days, it is a cardiovascular movement. So if I only have time for one, I am sure to get that done.

However, if I have time for my whole routine, its varied enough that if I have time all week to do all the things, it turns out to be a very well-rounded program that includes a variety of important tasks. And if I have more time than that, I can add other electives.

In your daily lives, find what is most important to you. It may be hugging your loved one, walking your dog, working out, or going to a yoga class. Even in your work schedule, name one thing (or up to 3 things) that you would like to accomplish for that day. It should be something that makes a significant difference in your life without being unattainable.

[I just did 10 pushups; its not on my list, but how hard is it to do something so simple?]

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