Mountain Therapy

These are thoughtful points useful for life’s adventures

victoria lise

Hiking mountains may come to mind naturally when you think of ways to decompress, reconnect, unwind, rejuvenate and more. Well, maybe being surrounded by mountainous landscapes, like the visuals on calming music videos come to thought before actually climbing mountains.  We tend to find peace and serenity within the bounty of nature. I’ve  been hiking mountains for just 3 years but on each mountain I’ve had a different experience with myself, an in-depth look and chance to reflect. More than once it has come to me the multitude of ways in which hiking heals. Below you will find a few I’ve collected along the way……

  1. The first step can be intimidating: When we look at the journey as a whole it can be stifling, it can make us want to quit before we even begin, assuming the climb has already defeated us. It is the first step that leads to…

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